The genomics.entrepreneurship@UBC Internship Program provides opportunities for students of science, business, communications, journalism and other domains, to explore the ways in which their respective disciplines can contribute to the uptake of genomics research project outcomes. Internships may involve students from our Research Partner projects being hosted by stakeholders or collaborators or having students from other disciplines join research teams. Each internship opportunity must be linked to one of our Research Partner projects and benefit the intern, host and Research Partner project.

We encourage you to participate if:

  1. You are a university researcher and faculty member on one of our Partner Projects and want to host a student intern to conduct a project related to the uptake of your research results;
  2. You are a researcher on one of our Partner Projects and you have identified an opportunity for one your students to work in an internship hosted by a project stakeholder or collaborator;
  3. You are a stakeholder or collaborator with one of our Partner Projects and would like to host a student intern from one of the research teams;
  4. You are student on one of our Partner Projects and you would like to do an internship with a project stakeholder; or
  5. You are a student in any discipline who is interested in one of the internship opportunities we are currently recruiting for.

Not sure if you qualify? Please contact us.


genomics.entrepreneurship@UBC will provide $2400 per month for successful internships of four months full-time or the equivalent part-time hours. These funds are intended to cover wages, administration fees and all associated employment and internship project costs. We encourage internship hosts to match this funding if possible.


Interns may be paid as employees of the UBC University Industry Liaison Office or employees of the internship host. Specific arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis. Each intern and internship host will be expected to sign an Internship Agreement outlining the terms of employment, rate of pay and project details. This agreement will also outline a skills development plan for each intern and identify supporting Knowledge Network members. The skills development plan will identify learning opportunities from the offerings of genomics.entrepreneurship@UBC, entrepreneurship@UBC, MITACS Steps program and other UBC training opportunities. Each intern will be linked with appropriate Knowledge Network members who will act as mentors and provide guidance on internship projects.

A short summary report and evaluation will be required within 45 days of the completion of each internship. Interns will also be asked to submit presentations or posters to the genomics.entrepreneurship@UBC showcase.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Relevance of internship to genomics.entrepreneurship@UBC
  2. Contribution of project to intern’s career and future plans
  3. Anticipated quality of the internship experience including feasibility of project and access to necessary support and mentorship
  4. Contribution of project to linked Partner Project(s) and internship host organization
  5. Financial considerations including student need and matching funds

Application Process

Our internship program has now completed its’ final round of hiring, but if you would still like to work with our Partner Projects, please feel free to contact us and provide us with your background and interests and we will pass on your information.


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