GREAT Showcase Event 2015 Videos

Thank you for attending the 2015 GREAT Showcase Event, 400 Seconds of Passion for Entrepreneurship! If you missed the event or would like to relive it, here are the videos of our presenters!

Andrew Tait, Health and Business Chemist

Andrew is the founder of Tait Laboratories Inc., a company devoted to modernizing traditional herbal medicines. Read More

Dana Lambert, Medicine Woman

Dana began her professional career as a hospital pharmacist where she specialized in chronic pain management and psychiatric illness. Read More

David Lloyd, Science Parody Master

David’s passion is for learning, engineering, biology, and most importantly people. Read More

Iain Verigin, E-Dude

Iain is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs on their journeys from “idea” to “real-world impact”. Read More

David Ng, 11th Level Science Geek

David is a geneticist, science educator, and faculty based at the UBC Michael Smith Laboratories. Read More

Fraser Larock, Science Entrepreneur

Fraser works as a marketer, writes about genomics, and spends his time assisting business start-ups. Read More

Katie Verigin, free from classification

Katie spent her first year at university studying business. Read More

Marta Guarna, Multifaceted Scientist

Dr. Marta Guarna is a Scientist and Project Manager working on translational research in honey bee and human health projects. Read More

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